Operationalizing Compliant Clinical Research Billing Practices for Pediatric Clinical Trials

Nora Yin, Hank LeFlore, Sara Plager

How do you determine whether a protocol-driven service should be billed to the sponsor or to insurance for infants, children and adolescents enrolled in a clinical trial? Some pediatric institutions defer to principal investigator discretion, but others are now applying Medicare rules and regulations to guide their billing determinations even though Medicare rules do not apply to pediatrics.

In this webinar, Mehzabin Khan, Children’s National program lead of clinical trials, revenue cycle and systems, discusses why Children’s National defers to Medicare billing rules for pediatric clinical trials, how it made the change, and what challenges it encountered internally and with sponsors during implementation. This webinar also touches on how Children’s National approaches and applies Medicare billing rules for complex clinical trials like CAR-T and immunotherapy trials in a pediatric setting.

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