Podcast: The Biggest Issues Facing Research Compliance

Leah Guidry

In Brief

1-Minute Read

Many research institutions are still in the process of building strong research compliance processes. The compliance profession is still quite young, less than 20 years old. So it is not a surprise that organizations struggle with recognizing where issues might arise and how to prepare for them.

In this two part podcast series, Leah Guidry, a Huron managing director, reviews the state of research compliance and forecasts the biggest issues compliance professionals will face.

In Part 1, she lays out the risks of not having a comprehensive approach for research compliance, and addresses the duplication she sees in some organizations and the gaps in knowledge.

In Part 2, Guidry describes the process for planning a research compliance risk assessment and what questions an organization should be asking itself. She also forecasts that the leading issues will be research billing, uniform guidance, transparency of information and protection of patient privacy.

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