Ways to Win in Strategic Enrollment Management

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Given higher education's many challenges, it is easy to overlook the opportunities. Managing Director Rob Bielby sat down with Enrollify’s Zach Busekrus to discuss how the most successful institutions are leaning into their strengths and leveraging a changing landscape to forge new paths. Among Rob’s insights:

  • Understand “who you want to be as an institution,” what your core values are, and how you deliver success to students in meaningful ways. Build on these fundamentals to carve out a differentiated value proposition.
  • Focus on the experience you offer to students. Like well-known consumer brands, much of an institution’s brand value lies in the experience, not necessarily the product. Examine what aspects of the experience students, their families, and other influencers love about your brand and let them serve as your North Star.
  • Allocate the recruitment budget you need to achieve your goals. Reframe budget planning to “focus on what you need” — not what your competition is doing or what your budget was pre-pandemic.
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