Winning Strategies for Research Application Adoption — When Success is the Only Option

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Almost every institution has experienced an unsuccessful software implementation. Frequently, this has less to do with software, and more to do with an organization's resistance to change, including both administration staff and researchers.

Leading institutions, however, now leverage proactive project management and rapid onboarding strategies to break that paradigm and create a culture that embraces change - resulting in more successful software implementations.

Watch the webinar, which includes representatives from the University of Washington and Huron, or download the slides.

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • How proactive project management and an emphasis on cross-team collaboration can help an organization embrace change and build trust across the extended research enterprise.
  • Ways to leverage application onboarding strategies to dramatically reduce custom code and accelerate solution adoption.
  • How Huron's Research Suite can measurably improve research processes, relieve administrative burden and free up time for what matters most - your research mission.

Huron's Research Suite is a comprehensive solution to facilitate communication, relieve administrative burden, and free up time for what matters most - your research mission.

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