Intercollegiate athletics

A successful intercollegiate athletics program can unite a campus community, increase visibility and brand recognition, and create opportunities for financial stability and growth. Huron collaborates with colleges and universities to maximize the benefits of intercollegiate athletics departments and mitigate the associated risks.

How we help


Create a strategy for the future

Develop a forward-thinking plan that aligns intercollegiate athletics with your institution’s mission, vision, and culture.

Update the athletics business model

Improve all aspects of operations — from identifying ways to increase revenue and optimize investments to improving long-term success and competitiveness.

Refine the financial model

Partner with department and campus leaders to create a financial roadmap for strategy and decision-making.

Assess facility feasibility and modeling

Create feasibility and cost modeling strategies for facility programming.

Provide leadership advisory and business continuity support

Support institutions through leadership transitions, creating continuity and stability in pursuit of strategic goals.

Prioritize student-athlete health and well-being

Adopt a stronger, more holistic student-athlete wellness model. Learn more.

Trends in college athletics healthcare and student-athlete well-being (recorded webinar)

A collaboration with the U.S. Council for Athletes' Health (USCAH)

Connect with an intercollegiate athletics expert

Tim Walsh
Managing Director
Read My Bio
Jim Delany
Jim Delany
Former Big Ten Commissioner
Sandy Barbour
Sandy Barbour
Former Penn State Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics
Kevin White
Dr. Kevin White
Duke University Emeritus Vice President & Director of Athletics
Kevin Weiberg
Kevin Weiberg
Former Commissioner of the Big 12 Conference

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