Campus health and well-being

Advance the well-being of students, faculty, and staff with a health-inspired campus using a systems approach that integrates health-promoting policy and campus conditions , institutionwide wellness initiatives, and student mental health and medical care.


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  • Creating a health-inspired campus

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    Read why the health-inspired campus is a hopeful, systems-level model for the future of college and university campus health and well-being.

  • Funding campus health and well-being: A balancing act

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    Learn about the four primary funding sources of campus health and well-being and how they each influence the delivery of campus healthcare in different ways.

  • The campus mental health crisis

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    Discover higher education’s response to the increase in mental health-related conditions.

  • The role of enterprise risk management programs in higher education risk governance

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    Colleges and universities can address heightened risks on campus such as student mental health concerns with a comprehensive enterprise risk management program.

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Trends in college athletics healthcare and student-athlete well-being (recorded webinar)

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