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Healthcare organizations must tackle their most pressing business needs to achieve a more agile, efficient and profitable future.

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  • Cost and Culture: Solving Healthcare's Workforce Crisis

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    To transform talent strategies and create long-term stability, healthcare organizations will need short- and long-term measures that focus on cost and culture.

  • Using Data to Build a Stronger Care Network

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    Data-driven provider relationship management programs deployed with direct-to-consumer strategies and CRM for healthcare are essential in today’s competitive market.

  • Academic Medical Center Transforms Business Operations and Patient Access

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    Amid a changing financial landscape, this academic medical center transformed its business operations to increase patient access and enhance revenue streams.

  • Achieve Future-State Supply Chain Planning With ERP

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    With an enterprise resource planning solution, healthcare organizations can use data and analytics to better predict supply needs and anticipate disruptions.

  • Success Amid Employer Alliances and Vertical Consolidations That Are Reshaping Healthcare

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    Employer alliances and vertical consolidation are changing the healthcare landscape and healthcare providers must respond by creating a new business model.

  • Making Healthcare Competitive

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    Healthcare organizations can make themselves more competitive by addressing barriers to choice and price transparency.

  • The Future of Healthcare Depends on Effective CDI Programs

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    Efficient CDI programs are imperative for generating data today that will drive future healthcare decisions. A strong program focuses on continuous improvement.

  • Ask These 5 Questions Before A Merger

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    The right M&A strategy is crucial for accelerating growth and transforming healthcare care delivery models as healthcare services move away from the hospital.

  • Creating Value and Cultural Alignment in M&A

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    Organizations can accelerate the value of a merger, acquisition or consolidation by incorporating new evaluation criteria such as cultural fit.

  • Why Collaborations are Essential to the Financial Future of Healthcare

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    Healthcare leaders are rethinking how collaborations such as managed services models can help them stabilize financially while fueling long-term transformation.

  • Optimizing Your Healthcare Organization's Core Business Today

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    Follow these tips to reduce unnecessary expenditures, increase revenue and generate a profit.

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