Care Transformation Strategy & Innovation

Using an integrated, comprehensive approach, organizations can thrive by transforming patient care and providing higher-value care at a lower cost.

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  • Is Your Healthcare System Ready for the Consumer Revolution?

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    See how a healthcare CRM can transform care and relationships.

  • How Design Thinking Can Transform the Hospital Experience

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    Design thinking is a framework for creating experiences that better fulfill consumer needs. Apply design thinking in healthcare for a better patient experience.

  • Shifting Your Children’s Hospital From Patient-Centric to Consumer-Centric

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    By becoming more accessible, you can ensure that those seeking out care from your institution don’t have to even think twice as they make a call for care.

  • Consumer Choice and the Future of Healthcare Service Lines

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    Big data enables healthcare organizations to understand their consumers and create transformative service lines that lead to better health outcomes.

  • Striking the Balance: How Providers Can Mix In-Person and Virtual Care

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    Telehealth is here to stay. Healthcare organizations need a care delivery strategy that meets patient demand for both in-person and virtual care services.

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