Artificial intelligence consulting services

Artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize innovation, productivity, and success. Its value, however, depends on knowing how to put what’s possible into practice.

Our artificial intelligence consultants weave together first-hand industry experience and technical AI knowledge to create dynamic human-AI collaborations that solve your biggest business challenges. Discern the right AI use cases for your environment, launch AI governance models, and upskill your team with our experts.

How we help


Assess your readiness

Prepare your organization for AI by optimizing data management and seamless integration across applications, processes, and people.

Fuel AI with clean data

Understand your current data strategy and use Huron’s integration accelerators for data cleansing and validation.

Strategize for your unique business

Target your specific industry and business challenges with AI plans aligned to your organizational goals to accelerate value from AI investments.

Ensure responsible AI use within your industry

Develop guidelines and policies with our AI consulting experts to address industry-specific ethical considerations of AI, such as bias.

Increase adoption by upskilling talent

Prioritize human-centric design and invest in upskilling to unlock the benefit of your people and technology working together.

Reconfigure the way you work

Ensure your workforce and business models adapt to AI implementation to drive efficiency and sustainability.

Utilize AI on existing platforms

Extend the value of existing technology platforms by integrating new AI capabilities. View our technology partners.

Prioritize continual improvement

Regularly measure performance to build new use cases and identify opportunities for improvement.

Cultivate responsible innovation

Gain access to our AI Capability Center — built on the shared knowledge of employees, clients, and AI vendor partners — to foster responsible and impactful AI practices across industries.

Industries we serve

Huron’s industry-specific and technical expertise provides a depth of support to leaders seeking to elevate their businesses through innovation. Our core expertise includes:

  • Education and research
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Energy and utilities
  • Industrials and manufacturing
  • Public sector

Connect with an artificial intelligence consultant

Mario Desiderio
Digital Capability Leader
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Fanny Ip
Managing Director
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David Devine
Managing Director
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Laura Zimmermann
Managing Director
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John Bridges
Managing Director
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