Full lifecycle clinical trials support

Clinical trials have led to some of the most important breakthroughs in research. Increase the pace of discovery by collaborating with Huron to reduce risk, effectively manage costs, ensure compliance, and achieve success throughout the research life cycle.

How we help


Agreement redline and negotiation

Reduced activation time through standardized acceptable language.

Budget development and negotiation

Make informed budgeting decisions that effectively manage costs and improve clinical trial performance.

Coverage analysis

Industry-recognized cited justifications that enable effective billing compliance, optimized reimbursements, and improved efficiency in billing processes.

CTMS data entry

Accurate and efficient data entry to streamline trial management processes, maximize return on investment, and enhance operational efficiency.

Financial management

Sponsor invoicing and managing accounts receivable to streamline financial processes and optimize revenue collection.

Regulatory support

Processing regulatory IRB submission and reporting, providing comprehensive support throughout the life cycle of clinical trials.

Research billing

Compliant and optimized billing through research patient charge review and billing segregation.

Research training programs

Empower centralized staff with an integrated training program across all key service areas of the research administration.

This is a flow chart with five steps: “Leverage”, “Standardize”, “Mitigate”, “Achieve”, and “Optimize”. Each step is represented by a blue circle with a white icon inside. The icons are, respectively, a handshake, a document, a shield, a trophy, and a graph. Below the flow chart is text that reads “Providing Freedom To Focus On Your Core Mission - Research”.

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