Healthcare Workforce: Building Engagement and Mental Health Wellness

Growing mental and physical health issues stemming from workplace stressors and toxic conditions — both of which can be prevented — are putting greater stress on an already strapped healthcare system.

Huron’s research finds that more than 60% of healthcare workers report feeling burned out more than a few times a month. Nearly a third are considering leaving their jobs.

Read how healthcare employers can elevate their culture and employee strategies to drive engagement and create psychologically safe working environments where teams openly share ideas — all of which ultimately bolsters employee recruitment and retention.

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  • Cost and Culture: Solving Healthcare's Workforce Crisis

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    To transform talent strategies and create long-term stability, healthcare organizations will need short- and long-term measures that focus on cost and culture.

  • Breaking Down Burnout in Healthcare: Severity, Causes, and Solutions

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    Industry research explores what is causing healthcare worker burnout and how to alleviate pressure on healthcare managers who have the highest reported levels of stress.

  • Change Management: Core Leadership Tenets for a Bold Future

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    With these core leadership tenets, healthcare leaders can forge bold, change-ready cultures driven to succeed in the business environments of the future.

  • Building Organizational Resilience

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    Healthcare workers are experiencing higher levels of stress. Leaders can empower a change-ready workforce by taking a holistic approach to organizational resilience.

  • UPMC Focuses on Culture to Accelerate Growth

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    UPMC advanced operational and financial goals, including HCAHPS overall rating, by focusing on their internal culture in partnership with Huron | Studer Group.

  • Cultural Transformation and Financial Improvement Enhances Community Hospital

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    Electronic health record integrations and leadership development helped this community hospital transform culture and drive financial improvement.

  • Healthcare M&A: Key Areas That Reveal Critical Cultural Alignment

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    Assessing the structural and social components of an organization’s culture is crucial when considering any M&A deal and can reveal cultural risks and gaps.

  • Rounding for Outcomes

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    Understand how rounding for outcomes can improve the patient experience, improve safety and quality and deepen physician and employee engagement.

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Creating Gratitude Every Day

In this recorded webinar, national speaker and author Rich Bluni shares three quick ways to use gratitude as a daily practice to build engagement with your teams.

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