Seeing Through The Clouds: You're Live on the Cloud — Now What?

Once your cloud implementation is complete, the journey is just beginning. To support regular upgrades and changes to your technology, your team must continuously learn and adapt.

In this series of short videos, Huron’s cloud experts will discuss how to optimize and maximize your cloud investment. You’ll learn about managing regular updates to the system, as well as tips to help you be more agile and future-focused to enable a state of sustained change.

Sustaining and Optimizing Your Cloud Investment

Episode 1: Agile Institutions Are Prime for Transformation

Episode 2: Cultivating a Transformational Mindset

Episode 3: Transformation Begins at Go-Live

How to Manage Your Oracle Quarterly Updates

Episode 4: Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates: Plan and Prepare

Episode 5: Oracle Cloud Quarterly Releases: Analyze and Assess

Episode 6: Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates: Test and Test Again

Episode 7: Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates: Inform and Deploy

Episode 8: Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates: Support and Innovate

How to Manage Your Workday Quarterly Updates:

Episode 9: Workday Biannual Releases: Plan and Prepare

Episode 10: Workday Biannual Releases: Analyze and Assess

Episode 11: Workday Biannual Releases: Test and Test Again

Episode 12: Workday Biannual Releases: Inform and Deploy

Episode 13: Workday Biannual Releases: Support and Innovate

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Seeing Through The Clouds: You're Live on the Cloud — Now What?

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