The Evolution of Higher Education

Peter Stokes, Kurt Dorschel, Chris Slatter, Scott Anthony

A Customer-First Approach to Transforming Institutions

The 2008 recession, shifting demographics, a highly competitive job market and heightened financial pressures—while acutely felt by millennials and Generation Z—are not necessarily unique events from a historical perspective. Earlier generations experienced similar challenges, so why do higher education institutions find it increasingly difficult to attract, retain and graduate the best fit students? And why have past solutions proven ineffective in the current environment?

In short, it’s because the jobs to be done have changed, and not all institutions are adequately responding. For institutions to rise to this challenge, leaders must reimagine the educational experience and focus on the “jobs” that students and other customers, are “hiring” them to do.

Download the e-book to discover:

  • What the jobs-to-be-done framework is and how higher education leaders can apply it in their institutions.
  • How institutions can take a broader view of their customer to include not only students but also faculty and employers.
  • The steps leaders should follow to unite their teams and execute a strategy rooted in their customers’ jobs to be done.
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The Evolution of Higher Education

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