Physician enterprise and access to care

Transform your physician enterprise to achieve and sustain operational and financial excellence. Huron works with healthcare leaders to create strategic alignment, maximize operational efficiency, improve patient access to care, and drive sustainable financial improvement across their organizations.

How we help


Create strategic alignment

Assess market needs, geographic expansion, and overall medical group or ambulatory strategy to grow market share and capture new revenue.

Improve access to care

Build a patient-centric care access model by reimagining your contact center and aligning capacity, digital scheduling tools, and referral management strategies to the needs of your patients and community.

Drive cost optimization

Align services and staffing levels with patient volume and community needs to improve efficiency and manage costs.

Elevate the consumer experience

Simplify the physician selection process and improve availability for new patient appointments to meet the needs of your consumers and enhance patient loyalty.

Optimize ambulatory practice operations

Design an efficient operating model by standardizing roles and processes across medical groups and optimizing leadership structures to improve throughput and operational agility.

Improve the physician experience and align compensation models

Increase physician engagement and productivity by aligning provider compensation to performance and organizational goals and building care teams with complementary skill mixes.

Enhance revenue cycle performance

Accelerate cash and reduce avoidable revenue loss by optimizing payor contracting and network management.

Evaluate and navigate mergers and acquisitions

Assess growth and consolidation opportunities that meet your business needs and develop an M&A strategy for successful execution and integration.

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Larry Stuckey
Managing Director
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Managing Director
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Kritiya Gee
Managing Director
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