Risk management and compliance

Institutional resilience is critical for enabling colleges and universities to overcome adversity and thrive in an evolving landscape. Huron guides institutions through the complex interplay of strategic, operational, reputational, compliance, and financial risks — helping them develop dynamic enterprise risk management (ERM) and compliance programs that foster strength and agility throughout the organization.

How we help


Identify emerging risks

Capture and prioritize risks with a comprehensive risk assessment that lays the foundation for proactive monitoring and action.

Design an enterprisewide approach

Develop an enterprise risk management framework that aligns with institutional strategy.

Build out the infrastructure

Create processes, tools, and dashboards to manage and communicate risk exposure, response, and mitigation efforts.

Bolster resources

Stabilize or supplement internal resources with interim staffing and support from Huron.

Optimize your approach

Leverage Huron’s risk inventory, scoring methodology, and data analytics capabilities to calibrate risk, utilize data, and develop heatmaps to better inform decision making.

Adapt and evolve for continuous improvement

Bolster governance, ownership, identification, and risk management activities for sustained success in the face of change.

Assess and implement risk management activities

Strengthen internal controls and risk management activities in all areas of the business.

Manage investigations and support crisis response

Respond to compliance investigations and recover from institutional crises more effectively.

Connect with a risk management and compliance expert

Anne Pifer
Managing Director
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Rick Rohrbach
Managing Director
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Lee Smith
Managing Director
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Peter Stokes
Managing Director
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Matt Jones
Managing Director
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