Mon Health System saves over 800 lives with disease prediction

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Using disease prediction modeling, Mon Health System identified individuals at risk for lung cancer, then deployed targeted communication encouraging patients to get screened, prompting lifesaving treatment for those diagnosed.


  • Early detection of lung cancer is challenging and most individuals are in advanced disease state before diagnosis, leading to costly treatment and high rates of mortality.

  • Recognizing the risk was even greater its in community, Mon Health System leveraged the power of Huron Intelligence® Analytic Suite to develop a predictive model that could identify at-risk patients.

  • Through the combination of disease prediction technology and targeted patient communication, more than 800 patients have been screened and begun lifesaving treatment.


Treatment of late-stage lung cancer creates immense difficulty for both patients and healthcare providers but detecting nodules before they spread is challenging. Most individuals are already in an advanced disease state before diagnosis, leading to expensive treatment and high rates of mortality. Mon Health System recognized the risk was even greater in its community and took action.

Why lung cancer prediction?

Table highlighting three factors that influenced Mon Health System’s decision to focus on lung cancer. The three factors were: (1) Lung cancer was identified as the top priority area in a community health needs assessment (2) West Virginia has one of the highest rates of lung and bronchus cancer (3) lung cancer leads U.S. cancer-related deaths.


With early detection being critical to saving patient lives as well as freeing up provider resources from costly treatments, Mon Health System drew on the power of Huron Intelligence® Healthcare Insights to create an effective predictive model for lung cancer.

Predictive Technology

Using claims data within the Huron Intelligence® analytic platform, Mon Health System and Huron identified a large collection of patients with lung cancer diagnoses from across the United States. Next, they ran a correlation analysis of all diagnosis and procedure codes. Using the codes with the strongest indicators of disease, the teams ran the data through an ensemble of models, leveraging machine learning to establish a predictive algorithm. After testing its accuracy, Mon Health System ran patient data through the predictive model to identify at-risk individuals within its network.

Patient Communication

With at-risk patients identified, the teams developed an outreach strategy to encourage individuals to consider a screening without alarming them. Patients at the highest risk received direct communication from their primary care physician’s office while lower-risk patients received less direct outreach focused on prevention.

Change Management and Departmental Alignment

Given the novelty and impact of disease prediction technology, engaging stakeholders across departments, including risk management, IT, legal, marketing, service lines, physician services, and business development, was critical to gaining buy-in. Departments aligned on the vision and measures of success, which enabled the health system to successfully reach patients and assure the best patient outcomes.


Table featuring the three major results of Mon Health System and Huron’s collaboration, including delivering proactive patient care, enhancing the care experience, and developing a scalable technology to improve population health. 811 patients who were identified as at-risk and received communication from Mon Health System came in for a screening and have begun lifesaving treatment. The health system is expanding the predictive technology’s use to predict breast cancer and knee replacements.

To truly impact our community required a mindset shift. We learned to apply new technologies and created impactful communications to transform the care experience. Huron helped us live out our mission of enhancing the health and wellness of the community, one person at a time.”
— David Goldberg, President and CEO, Mon Health System and Executive VP, Vandalia Health

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