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Drive greater satisfaction and loyalty by deeply understanding your consumers and engaging with them in new, innovative ways.

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  • Patient Financial Care: Redesigning the Revenue Cycle Operating Model

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    A large multistate health system transformed and integrated its operating model to create a people-centered revenue cycle organization.

  • Integrating and Improving Care Across the Continuum

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    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Huron built an infrastructure that allowed the organization to integrate care across the continuum and increase access for consumers.

  • Removing Barriers to Enable Better Payor-Provider Collaboration

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    3 ways healthcare payors and providers can alleviate friction to work better together and for the consumer.

  • Measuring the Quality and Value of Telehealth

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    As healthcare organizations embrace telehealth as a long-term solution, leaders must consider a variety of metrics to assess the unique aspects of virtual care.

  • Engaging the Digitally Inclined Healthcare Consumer

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    Consumers’ preferences are changing amid a growing digital landscape. Increase engagement with a personalized, technology-enabled care experience.

  • Academic Medical Center Transforms Business Operations and Patient Access

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    Amid a changing financial landscape, this academic medical center transformed its business operations to increase patient access and enhance revenue streams.

  • 3 Dynamics Impacting Children’s Hospitals in 2021

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    New financial and consumer challenges are changing how children’s hospitals will operate in the future of healthcare.

  • Social Determinants of Health: Using Consumer Insights to Move from Why to How

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    Addressing social determinants of health for better clinical outcomes starts with consumer insights, technology and partnerships.

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