Care transformation

Re-imagine care delivery by evolving business models, understanding consumer preferences, and investing in the right technology to put what’s possible into practice.

How we help


Innovate care models

Evolve care delivery models and consumer engagement strategies to enable value-based care.

Enhance quality and safety

Build a culture of safety to reduce preventable harm, improve quality, and achieve full financial reimbursement.

Improve health equity

Utilize community data and predictive analytics to proactively address care disparities across your specific patient population.

Improve care progression

Manage resources and system capacity to improve patient flow and mitigate care variation.

Establish virtual care and hospital care at home

Safely shift high-acuity care from the hospital to the home to improve patient outcomes, increase capacity, and generate growth.

Optimize perioperative services

Maximize operating room and procedural area efficiency with data-driven decision making to reduce waste, improve utilization, and optimize margins. 

Huron Intelligence® Healthcare Insights

Utilize healthcare's most complete clinical data framework to strengthen network integrity, identify patient trends, and personalize care.

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Larry Stuckey
Managing Director
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Nicole Bengtson
Managing Director
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Annie Zilius
Managing Director
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Bill Satterwhite
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Peter Gernert-Dott
Managing Director
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Eileen Gillespie
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